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Discuss The Type Of Business Letter

Ans: Preface : Business letter can be classified as personal and non personal. Personal letter are informal and are written to exchange news, intentions, views, ideas or to seek favors. Personal letter are written in a friendly, informal style. Business letter are non personal letters. These letters are related to the business activities.

There are two types of letter which are the following:

  1. Personal letter Letter conveying personal message are Known as personal letters.
  2. Business letter Business letter used to transmit information regarding business activities are know as business letter.
  3. Circular letter: A circular letter is one which is meant to be read by a number of correspondents.
  4. Inquiry letter: An inquiry letter asks for catalogue, quotation, sample, terms of delivery, cost of products etc.
  5. Order letter : The letter which carries the message to the sellers requesting to send the specified
  6. goods as a specified price as per stated item and goods conditions is called letter of order.
  7. Complaints letter : A letter in which buyers make a claim against the seller or supplier is called letter of complaint.
  8. Adjustment letter The letter is written in reply to a complaint letter is called adjustment letter.
  9. Collection / Dunning letter: A letter written by a businessmen to their debtors in connection with
  10. with collection of overdue amount is called dunning letter. that business letters are used for different purpose.
Conclusion: From the above discussion we can say ensure the organisational goals.

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