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Discuss the importance of communication in modern business.

Ans :

Preface : Communication is the process of exchanging information from one to another people & in the process of sharing information several functions are to be performed. Some of its are discussed below:

  1. Conveying message: Message can be conveyed to the target audience through communication in difficult ways.
  2. In decision Making : Managers Need useful information in time to make proper decision. That means without sound communication system useful information  can not be provided timely.
  3. To make & implement a plan : Proper communication system can answer proper making & implementing of a plan.
  4. In policy formulation : For formulating the policies  management have to collect essential information from different sources through communication.
  5. Controlling : Superior can establish command & control on their subordinates through downward communication.
  6. In direction : Communication helps in giving direction to the subordinates to perform their assigned duties & responsibilities.
  7. In Co-ordination : Communication Coordinates between management & employees.
  8. To solve problems : A business faces a lot of problems in its daily operations. Solution of these problems is quite impossible without proper communication with the related parties.

9. Others : 

(a) Improving labor-management relationship.

(b) In creating awareness

(c) To ensure teamwork

(d) In Motivating

(e) Creating Image etc.

Conclusion :

In fine it can be said that communication (plays a vital role in the business communication . The success of communication system.

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