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Discus the importance of communication Model


Preface : A communication model shows the picture of a situation and also the diagram of the process of communication, the importance of communication model can be described as follows:

1. Better understanding: Everyone can better understand the situation and process of communication with the help of a model.

2.Quick understanding: As we know a communication model exhibits the main elements of a communication process. We can quickly generate an idea in our maid about the utility and effectiveness of the model. Through more idea observation the model at a glance.

3. Representation of methods Communication models are pictorial presentation of communication process. So elements and aspects related to communication process are brought into picture which provides complete idea.

4. Use as sample: Communication model involves pictorial Representation of various elements of communication process which can be used as a sample for further research and investigation.

5. Improvement over of traditional model Traditional organizational models are not competent to fully display the on going flow of message among the officers and employees. So a communication model displays this horizontal, channel between the people at the same level.

6. Feedback facility: In the sense communication is not never one way process. A communication model through the display of feedback reminds us that communication is a two way process.

7. Measure of inflexibility; Communication model is rigid but communication is ever changing. To

understand the nature of inflexibility, communication model can be an essential source.

8. Representation of objective: Communication model represent the objectives and its related aspects regarding the message sent and therefore creates a meaningful picture.


From the above discussion it is Hear that communication model helps us to know about various aspects of communication.

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