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Describe the importance of electronic media in business communication.

Ans: Preface : Now it is called communication is as the life blood of all economic & social activities. The success of communication depends on rapid & accurate.

I transmission. In that cases electronic device facilitate transmitting information rapidly & accurately the popular media of electronic communication are diseased below:

1. E-Mail : It is the short form of electrum mail. It is the communication from one computer to another computer, via internet. Now a days, it available use in every business sector.

2. Voice Mail : It is another blessing old modern science. It is similar to e-mail with slight difference.

Here oral message is sent to the receives for this it requires computer, voice recorder, telephone connection for transmitting & storing that oral message. Nowadays we see that we can send voice message through cell phone if receive is not available in that moment.

3. Fax : Fax is are of the most popular and widely 21.67 used tools for communication. It is also commonly termed as facsimile. Message cart be sent through fax instantly. Facsimile Machine just sends a scan copy of the message over telephone for one to another.

4. Tele Conference : Tele conferencing is a” group discussion of people who are in different geographic location. It is a method of face to face communication using electronic cofa devices. Teleconference may be either Audio or Video.

5. Internet : It is Latest invention in the field or information and communication technology. It is changing day by day. Now a days Nobody can think anything without internet. Say-Exam result, stock 2097279 exchange, library books etc.

6. Multimedia : It is a communication of many media brought together to convey a message. These media can include graphics, photo, music, voice -text & animation’s Multimedia is very useful in advertising & publicity.
7. Computer : It is modern device of electronic communication. It is a madam that is comprised with
hardware & software. Software is the heart of computer. Without software computer is useless.
8. Bulletin Board : It is an on-line notice board. Job circulation or any other advertisement or notice can get with the connection of internet.
Conclusion : From the above discussion of media of electronic communication, it is sure that the modem device is changing daily. It depends situation pattern etc.

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